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DEWALT DT70735T FLEXTORQ 25pcs Drill Driver Bit Set Cordless Drill

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€50,86 - €50,86
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DeWalt's FLEXTORQ Screwdriver Bits are impact rated for use in impact drivers and feature extended FlexTorq torsion zones which are designed to absorb extreme forces, transferring them to the optimised geometry of the bit tip. Reducing the load on the driver and fastener means secure fixing with longer service life.


●Full fit heads eliminate wobble and screw head rounding
●Contoured area of the bit tip flexes with the torque of the driver
●Optimised torsion zone, maximising bit life and turning force
●Small ToughCase provides secure and durable storage
●Transparent lid for rapid accessory selection
●Twist-up bit retainers for easy accessory removal
●User customisation with multiple bit holder strips
●ToughCases can be slotted into TSTAK caddies


●4x Phillips Screwdriver Bits:
●1x 25mm PH1 Phillips Screwdriver Bit
●1x 25mm PH2 Phillips Screwdriver Bit
●1x 25mm PH3 Phillips Screwdriver Bit
●1x 57mm PH2 Phillips Screwdriver Bit
●12x Torx Screwdriver Bits:
●1x 25mm T10 Torx Screwdriver Bit
●1x 25mm T15 Torx Screwdriver Bit
●5x 25mm T20 Torx Screwdriver Bits
●3x 25mm T25 Torx Screwdriver Bit
●1x 25mm T30 Torx Screwdriver Bit
●1x 57mm T20 Torx Screwdriver Bit
●5x Hex Shank Metal Drill Bits:
●1x 3mm Hex Shank Metal Drill Bit
●1x 4mm Hex Shank Metal Drill Bit
●1x 5mm Hex Shank Metal Drill Bit
●1x 6mm Hex Shank Metal Drill Bit
●1x 8mm Hex Shank Metal Drill Bit
●2x Socket Drivers:
●1x 8mm Socket Driver
●1x 10mm Socket Driver
●1x 25mm PZ2 Pozi Screwdriver Bit
●1x Magnetic Bit Tip Holder
●1x Small ToughCase

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