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C5 Machined Ballscrew DFU2005 Customizable Any Size Roller Ballscrew

Original price €54,41 - Original price €186,05
Original price
€54,41 - €186,05
Current price €88,49


Ball screws are used in aircraft and missiles to move control surfaces, especially for electric fly by wire, and in automobile power steering to translate rotary motion from an electric motor to axial motion of the steering rack. Because its small friction drag,They are also used in machine tools, robots and precision assembly equipment. High precision ball screws are used in steppers for semiconductor manufacturing.
Model No.: DFU2005
Product Name: Ball Screw
Color: silver;
Diameter: 20mm;
Optional Length: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm,360mm 400mm, 450mm, 500mm,550mm 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 800mm,850mm,900mm, 1000mm,1050mm,1200mm,1500mm,1550mm,2000mm; (is the overall length, Including end machining part)
Package Content: 1 x Ballscrew End Machining; 1 x Ballnut
About customization: we offer customization service according to your drawing or request, please provide the drawing and contact us before place the order. Please understand it may take sometime to complete the machining, and usually the handling time is about 3-5 business days.
ATTENTION PLZ Ballnut fixing and dismounting requires professional tools or done by professional stuffs, otherwise, we will not take amy responsibility if there was any damage done by yourself.


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