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33 Teeth L Timing Pulley 33T Aluminium Synchronous Wheel for Belt

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€32,02 - €38,51
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  • Name: L Timing Pulley Synchronous Wheel

  • Main Material: Aluminum Alloy (The flange is galvanized iron)

  • Surface Treatment: Untreated

  • Type: AF Type

  • Teeth Pitch: 9.525mm

  • Teeth Number: 33 Teeth

  • Round Bore: 14/15/16/17/18/19/20/22/24/25/28/30mm

  • Keyway Bore:

    14mm (keyway 5mm)

    15mm (keyway 5mm)

    16mm (keyway 5mm)

    17mm (keyway 5mm)

    18mm (keyway 6mm)

    19mm (keyway 6mm)

    20mm (keyway 6mm)

    22mm (keyway 6mm)

    24mm (keyway 8mm)

    25mm (keyway 8mm)

    28mm (keyway 8mm)

    30mm (keyway 8mm)

    30mm (keyway 10mm)

  • Slot Width: 21/27mm (suitable for timing belt width 20/25mm)

  • Bore Tolerance: 0.01-0.02mm


  • Suitable for transmission components


  • Due to different batches, the size of the timing wheel flange will be 2-3mm different, for the installation of sufficient space does not affect the use of equipment, the specific object shall prevail.


  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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