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23 27 29 Teeth XL Timing Pulley 23T 27T 29T Hard Anodized

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€8,97 - €11,28
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  • Name: XL Timing Pulley Synchronous Wheel

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy

  • Surface Treatment: Hard

  • Type: BF Type

  • Teeth Pitch: 5.08mm

  • Tooth Shape: Trapezoidal

  • Teeth Number: 23 27 29 Teeth

  • Round Bore: 6/8/10/12/14/15mm

  • Slot Width: 11mm (suitable for timing belt width 10mm)


  • Suitable for transmission components


  • 1.Overall dimensions (such as total height, flange, screws, etc.) may vary from batch to batch.

  • 2. The synchronous wheel of this link product is hobbed by automatic CNC high-speed hobbing machine with high precision.

  • 3. Synchronous wheel material for the surface of aluminum alloy has been done hard oxidation treatment, hard oxidation of the surface colour will be different due to different batches of different colours, aluminium hard film layer colour brown, dark brown, grey-yellow, grey to black, no further notice. Mainly for the link picture colour.

  • 4. This product synchronous wheel as long as the order photographed to send the fixing screws, keyway holes with the key pin does not send need to purchase separately.

  • 5. Keyway hole using broaching process, slot width error 0.05mm, slot depth error 0.02 range, the specific size in kind shall prevail.


  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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