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1pc Industrial Chain Remover Breaker Chain Locker For Roller Chain 04C

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€23,80 - €27,11
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  • Name: Chain Remover / Chain Locker

  • Main Material: Carbon Steel

  • Model: 04C 06B 08B 10A

  • Suitable for Roller Chain 04C 06B 08B 10A


  • The main function of the chain remover is to push out the outer piece of the chain and then remove the chain. But not all chains are easy to remove, because the quality of the chain is good and bad, the good quality of the chain is relatively easy to dismantle.


  • 1.When using the chain remover, the thimble of the chain remover will be easy to wear, this is due to the hardness of the chain itself, which is a normal phenomenon, please be careful when purchasing if you are particularly concerned about this wear!

  • 2.Before removing the chain, you may want to smooth the two pins protruding from the top of the chain tabs with a cutter before removing them with our chain remover, as this will reduce the wear on the chain remover and make it easier to remove.


  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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