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1pc 20 Teeth 04C 25H Double Row Sprocket for Roller Chain 20T 45#

Original price €10,56 - Original price €11,58
Original price
€10,56 - €11,58
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  • Name: 04C 25H Double Row Sprocket

  • Model: 04C (25H)

  • Material: 45# Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Blackening

  • Tooth Surface Treatment: High-frequency Quenching

  • Pitch: 6.35mm

  • Number of Teeth: 20 Teeth

  • Bore: 8/10/12/14/15/16/17/18/19/20mm

  • Keyway Bore:

    8mm-keyway 3mm

    10mm-keyway 4mm

    12mm-keyway 4mm

    14mm-keyway 5mm

    15mm-keyway 5mm

    16mm-keyway 5mm

    17mm-keyway 5mm

    18mm-keyway 6-Groove

    19mm-keyway 6-Groove

    20mm-keyway 6-Groove

  • Shaft Hole: Machining completed

  • Screw: 2*M5


  • Due to different production batches, the dimensions (such as steps, total height, top wire, etc.) will be slightly different, please refer to the actual, individual models have grooves.

Package :

  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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