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1pc 12 24 Teeth 08B Industrial Drive Sprocket Wheel 45# Steel Chain

Original price €9,58 - Original price €29,48
Original price
€9,58 - €29,48
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  • Name: 08B Industrial Drive Sprocket Wheel

  • Type: Sprocket with Step

  • Material: 45# Steel

  • Tooth Surface Treatment: Blackening

  • Pitch: 12.7mm

  • Number of teeth: 12 24 Teeth

  • Keyway Bore:

    12mm (keyway 4mm)

    14mm (keyway 5mm)

    15mm (keyway 5mm)

    16mm (keyway 5mm)

    17mm (keyway 5mm)

    18mm (keyway 6mm)

    19mm (keyway 6mm)

    20mm (keyway 6mm)

    22mm (keyway 6mm)

    24mm (keyway 8mm)

    25mm (keyway 8mm)

    28mm (keyway 8mm)

    30mm (keyway 8mm)

    32mm (keyway 10mm)

    35mm (keyway 10mm)

    38mm (keyway 10mm)

    40mm (keyway 10mm)

  • Application: Used in various mechanical transmission parts


  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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