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06B 9 Teeth To 24 Teeth Sprocket Wheel Chain Gear Industrial A3

Original price €5,45 - Original price €15,28
Original price
€5,45 - €15,28
Current price €5,45


  • Name: Chain Drive Sprocket

  • Model: 06B

  • Material: A3 Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Hardening of tooth surfaces

  • Teeth Pitch: 9.525mm

  • Teeth: 9 Teeth ~ 24 Teeth


  • 1.The center is the process hole, need customers to buy back their own processing to expand.

  • 2.The size of the process holes may vary from batch to batch. If you have requirements for the size of the process hole, please consult customer service for the actual size.

  • 3.Due to the batch of different step diameter will also vary, please prevail in kind.

Package :

  • Packing : Plastic bag / Carton box.

  • Quantity : According to your Choose!

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